Saturday, November 15, 2008




I think we're going to do some baking or sewing today since the boys are out camping. pictures later?


  1. Hannah, thanks for commenting on my blog, because it gave me the opportunity to discover yours! Stopping by here is so very inspiring and refreshing. Your photography is simply beautiful... I must admit, it makes me feel a bit silly about mine, but I hope to learn from your great example.

  2. The photography here on your blog is really refreshing! You have a lot of talent, and the subjects you choose are really neat. What kind of camera do you have?

  3. i checked out your other photos on flickr (by accident, because i clicked on the berry photo on your post); you have a really good eye! what mode do you usually shoot in, Av? and it's great to experiment with taking shots of different things that you are doing. you tend to take pictures with the same kind of "eye" that i like (a table corner, a rustic window, leaves on the grass, etc). i myself just bought a nikon d80 a month ago and have been experimenting as well...i still need to perfect taking pictures of food, though. photography is so fun! :)

    love your blog!

  4. Thanks! I shoot in Av and Auto most of the time, I much prefer to take shots of things that are missed by most people. There's beauty other places that eye-level, I guess. haha! I'd love to have a d80! I think next time I upgrade I'm definitely going with a nikon. Photography is fun! Especially food photography.


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