Monday, November 17, 2008


this evening, after dinner, my sister and i played around with icing cupcakes, i've never been ggreat at icing, i have no idea why. i figured the only way to get better was to practice.



a little better, i'd say.

any frosting tips?


  1. Better than I could do, Hannah!

    They're making me hungry. ;)

  2. I'm sort of a klutz with icing too!

    I just wanted to say how much I adore your blog and your photography. It leaves me speechless! You have got an incredible talent. :)

  3. Oh, also, so cool that you were homeschooled! I begged my parents for years to homeschool me, they never did, darn them, but I plan on homeschooling my daughter when she is a bit older. :)

    Did you enjoy being homeschooled?

  4. Thanks for the compliment! : ) I really enjoyed being homeschooled, it definitely was the best thing for me. And when you realize what a sub-par education the public school system gives you, (i went the public and private before homeschooling) you really can't find a better alternative.

  5. Hi Hannah, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is lovely too - the photography is fantastic! The cakes look delicious!

    Rachel xxx

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