Sunday, May 17, 2009

Okay, I did it.


I've been thinking about opening up an etsy shop for my photography for a while now. So today I did it.

I don't have a whole lot listed, but enough I think. So what do you think? Any feed back on prices, etc?

I'm excited about this!


  1. Oh, my...good luck with your new Etsy shop! Your photos are awesome! You should have no problem selling those. You are quite talented.

  2. You may want to check your Flicker link. It does not seem to be active. Your pictures are beautiful. Don't under price yourself.

  3. Gorgeous...maybe I missed it, but what size are your photos for sale? :-)

    Blessings and happy selling!

  4. Oh, I have 8 x 10's listed, but I'll print them at any size.

    And thank you all!

  5. hey hannah.

    looks great ...congrats for you!
    the price seems right to me. you checked out other shops, right? you definetly can go up as you feel comfortable and gain buyers.
    your pics are wonderful.

  6. i think it was an awesome idea! i was looking at your store last night. i think you could increase your prices a little, the pictures are amazing.

  7. hello - i'm so excited. i was just about to email you and ask permission to print some of your pics for my kitchen...suggestions: love all pics from april 9 - especially the little pot of succulents (i told you - i was about to email you - i can get specific)...anyhoo, i also adore the fork with the cake on it. amazing. oh - and the grocery store photos (am i creeping you out yet?) with the egg yolks and them all. anyhoo - the more the better and if not - can i email you specific pics and see if you can accomodate?

  8. yes!!! your photos are beautiful, breathtaking and i know your shop will be a success! im off to peek around :)

  9. So glad your doing this! I love your photos. :)


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