Monday, July 27, 2009

farmers market lavender.

Life has been oh so busy for me lately. I'm still loving my job at the farmers market, the sense of community is just great, I don't even mind getting up at 5 am to be there! I'm learning so much about gardening and farming. Those farmers are a wealth of knowledge!

farmers market peppers

Baking has slowed down so much lately. I can't believe I used to do for-fun baking 3 or 4 days a week! I've got to schedule it on my calendar to get it done now! I've got a couple of oat recipes coming this week - cookies and granola. I've tried the granola and it is so, so delicious. I can't wait to post about it!

bench monday.

I'm excited to see where all of this is taking me, where God is taking me. Sure, I'm not making a whole lot of money at the farmers market but I think the experience is so worth it.

Is anything exciting happening in your life?


  1. oh how i am in love with your site!
    every picture is so beautiful. you are so talented hannah!
    i know exactly what you mean about not having time to bake.
    i think about it but then i just don't have the energy most days. i now want to make a root beer float cake. like right now!

    i am so glad you commented to day so i could come see your pretty place.
    i think i have been here before but still....i love it!

  2. gorgeous pix!

    i am also working at the farmers market for the first time, and it's so much fun! i do a bakery booth and now it's all i can do to bake anything else during the week. funny how priorities change!

  3. Farmer's markets are amazing! It sounds like you have a great job. Don't worry about not having time to bake, that's what the winter months are for.

    You could always update about your days at the market, you know. It'd be fun to read about.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I've never been to a farmers market before, but it sounds exciting!

  5. your time spent working and chatting at the farmer's market is a gift. like you said, a wealth of knowledge is to gained. what a wonderful experience! enjoy it while the season lasts! [or is it an all year market?]



  6. oh i love your new header!
    and that lavender picture is gorgeous.
    your experiment at the farmers market sounds like it is something you really enjoy and love-what a wonderful place god has put you in! god has us in specific places, at specific times, with specific people, with specific lessons to learn, for specific reasons. (he is very specific.) even if those reasons are only to enjoy yourself and learn from those around you, it sounds like a pretty good place to be :)
    it has to be pretty cool for you!
    i cant wait to hear where god takes this and what you get from it!!

  7. that first photo is gorgeous (as usual)! I'm so glad things are being brought together so nicely in your life!

  8. I shop at the farmer's market every week and I love all the vendors - I've gotten to know them over the years. I love that you are doing that. Beautiful photos, as usual.

  9. Such thoughtful photographs of life. I love the farmer's market and all the good stuff I find in them. Well I do hope you have more time to bake soon!

  10. it will TOTALLY be worth it, money comes and goes...

  11. Your photos are outstanding. I keep waiting to see one that isn't just stellar. And on top of your photography talents you are a phenom baker and so donw to earth, real!

    Most exciting thing to happen lately was my twin boys just turned 13! WOW!

  12. U got a beautiful blog & the photography is amazing too. I find it heartening that people as young as are pasionate foodies & bloggers. YAY for you Hannah!

  13. U have such a beautiful blog and such amazing photography! Very inspiring as I am only 17 and I could imagine how good I might be in 2 years. I love your blog and will definitely be visiting it on a regular basis!

  14. what a sweet blog! The photography, as everyone already pointed out, is fantastic :)
    hmm... as for exciting things? I'm trying to balance my recent entry into the working world with my passions and hobbies. As you can tell from me writing this comment at 4:22am, I haven't yet mastered the balancing part of the equation.
    I look forward to your future posts!

  15. just found your blog! LOVE the photos! im going to be coming back regularly... your site makes me happy :)

  16. Really outstanding pics. Beautiful site. Keep up the good work.

  17. I turn 30 next week - I guess that's exciting, but I'm taking it kind of hard. I'm just trying to be positive about all the gifts God has given me!

    Your blog is so inspiring. Keep it up!

  18. I want you to make whoopie pies for me. I like them!

    Love ya, Dad

    Your one fantastic daughter

  19. Love the photos. I've definitely been getting into farmer's markets more this year since starting my blog. I don't have the discipline to wake up as early as you yet though! Looking forward to seeing more.

  20. beautiful photos!

    exciting? we found out our baby is a GIRL!!! i am soooo excited to have a sister, after four boys!


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