Tuesday, January 20, 2009

trip out in the snow.





we are now covered in snow, it's so beautiful.



  1. LOVE this pics!!! And yes, you're right. :D:D:D I need to post... goes off to do so right now. :) Hope you're well, Hannah!

  2. I love your photography! The picture of Hayden is really special. It is like a little window into a gentle soul.

    What sort of camera do you have? Digital or film? Are the photos "photoshoped"?

    Have you ever looked at the Smitten Kitchen blog? Your site is like a country version of hers - or is her blog a city version of yours? :P

    I have wanted to get a kitchenaid for a while now but Australian converted ones (different voltage) are about $700 for an artisan! I want to make bread with it so I'm saving up for a 6qt from America :)

    Anywho, love your blog, just added it to my "Blogs you must see list".

    Bless you and yours,

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