Friday, March 20, 2009

Trips to the nursery.


another trip to the nursery.

another trip to the nursery.

These past couple of days have been filled with trips to the nursery and hands in the dirt. We've planted strawberries, lettuce and carrots so far. This is so exciting for me, as I've never done it before. I can't believe in a couple of months I'll be able to eat the food I've sown. It's such an old concept, but so new to me.

Thanks for all the kind comments y'all have been leaving lately, I appreciate each and every one of them. Sometimes I forget to respond, but I always read them. I've noticed there are a lot of new people around here, I'd love to be able to meet you/look at your blog. So if you've never introduced yourself, I'd love it if you would. : )


  1. Oh, I need to do this!! I just posted picture of my greenhouse, waiting for advice on what to plant.

    Are your plants in your house or in a greenhouse? The last two years, I have waited too long and my plants weren't ripe by the time it got cold again. (I'm in Alaska).

    I'm Jennifer, by the way. Your blog is beautiful and inspiring. :)

  2. Hi Hannah! I'm a tech writer that works at home for HP, but in my spare time I LOVE to bake and spend time in the kitchen, making people happy with my culinary creations. :) I found your blog through the Baking Bites blog.
    I read your blog almost every day, and I LOVE your photos and your easy-going, positive conversational tone.
    The closest I have to a blog is my RecipeZaar page, to which I have included the URL.
    Anyway, that's me. Keep on keepin' on, and I'll continue to be one of your faithful honey & jammers. :)

  3. Hi there! I'm Charity. I'm not sure how I found our blog (maybe tastespotting?), but the fact that I found it is what counts, right?
    I've been peaking in over the last week or so, loving your photos...
    I need to take a trip to the plant nursery, although it won't really be spring here for a while (despite the warm weather of the last few days)... This year, I'll be experimenting some more with container gardening, as my backyard is cement :( Last year I had some herbs, chard, and some small tomatoes. This year, I want to experiment with some raspberries (a friend has offered to let me dig up a few canes), strawberries, carrots, beets, lettuces and other greens, and legumes...

  4. jennifer: my plants are already in the ground, at least the cooler temp ones. I live in the south, so it's already planting time for me. and thank you.: )

    joanna: it's nice to meet you! I'll be sure to check out your recipezaar page. and i love "honey & jammers"! that's so funny!

    charity: sounds like you'll have some good stuff in your garden this year. my family is doing square foot gardening instead of those long rows. it's so much less overwhelming. I'm planning on doing some container gardening too.

  5. How do you make the edges on your pictures rounded? I've been trying to do it for a while... hhaa

  6. michelle: i use to edit them that way. under the "frames" section.

  7. Hi Hannah,

    I can't remember how I came across your blog but I really enjoy reading it. You have beautiful photography and I've tried a few of your recipes too. Glad I found it. Feel free to visit my blog as well.


  8. Beautiful pictures, as always. I love growing things from the very beginning - all the way from seeds... I always feel so much more proud of them and attached to them when I do it that way. They're like little green children or pets.

    PS - I left you an award on my blog :) Come pick it up!


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