Wednesday, May 06, 2009


tomato plants and herbs



  1. I just put some peppers in the ground yesterday and I noticed my sunflowers are coming up. It's a wonderful time of year! The bright green contrasts so beautifully here with the thunder clouds.

  2. Hi there!
    I'm new to your blog...just LOVE IT! Thanks for the inspiration, recipes, and beautiful photos! What kinda camera are you shooting with? :D

  3. Jillian: It is a wonderful time of year, my favorite!

    Amy: Thank you!! I just got a canon digital rebel xsi. before that, I used a rebel xt.

  4. the second photo is really beautiful

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  6. i planted in sand this year, it was the only choice i had until i can round up some more compost and filler. it's sad seeing happy herbs. my are a little depressed and yellowed around the edges - they're begging me to put them back in their pots.

  7. ooo, you have a rebel? Is it nice? I want to get one, just waiting for them to go on sale.... or maybe find a used one for cheaper! Is it worth it?
    Lovely pictures, I love how much color you have in them!!! It makes me want to go putter around in my garden. :)

  8. your blog has such lovely photographs.
    i love soil covered hands :)
    my mum has got me into gardening this year & i started my mangetout seeds off this morning.
    our greenhouse is full of seeds just waiting to come up; it gets me all excited, i feel like a child...

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